Server Rules

Rules of Use

* No member of the game can invoke, as an excuse for violating these Regulations, the fact that he did not know of its existence.

* The team has the right to modify the provisions of the Regulation at any time; Our recommendation would be to read these Rules regularly to learn about any official game updates.

* We are the only ones able to judge what exactly is a breach of regulations. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions below is grounds for account suspension or deactivation.


(1) It is forbidden for a player to have a name in the form of spam. Ex: asdafsdfsdf, ashfdsds, 4564654.

(2) It is forbidden for a player to have a name that offends the server, staff or even a player. Sanction: Mute 12-15h / Ban 12-24h

(3) It is forbidden to create a character with a name similar to the one that already exists and to use it in a possible deception.

(4) In case of a name that offends the server or staff, it will be sanctioned with a Permanent Ban on all accounts.

(5) In the case of a name that offends a player, the deletion of the account will be sanctioned with a Permanent Ban on the respective account and in a short time.

(6) In the case of a character created with a name similar to another existing player, the character's name will be changed or the player will be notified to delete their character. If the player refuses to spawn the character, he will be penalized with a Permanent Ban or a change of number of people, regardless of whether the player gave his consent or not.


(1) Your accounts are not the responsibility of staff members, therefore you must each take care of your own account.

(2) Each player has the obligation to take care of the account, not being helped if the respective player offers another player his own.

(3) It is the player's responsibility to ensure that their account details are secure. Sharing this data with someone else means violating the security rules of the regulation according to Art.3. Violation of art.3 will make you directly liable for any damage caused by offering your account.

(4) Accounts cannot be hacked. Any stolen account is stolen because of you and your negligence in logging in/using keylogger software or using the same logins on multiple servers.

(5) A member of staff will never ask for your login details, to ensure who you provide your login details with, you risk losing them.

(6) Administrators can intervene in certain account thefts, when the one who stole too many violations of the regulation, the stolen account as well as the accounts of the respective player who committed this fact, will be Permanent Money.

(7) Administrators can also intervene when that player has committed a massive theft of 2-3-4 accounts from 2-3-4 different people.

(8) A player is not allowed to abuse excessive accounts (free pvp level 1, 15, this action leads to permanent/fixed money on the respective accounts.

(9) From 20.08.2023, the MWO Eternal team no longer responds and, by default, is no longer involved in the recovery of borrowed items on the game server. Blocking an account is no exception to this rule.

(10) The MWO Eternal team is not responsible for, does not approve and implicitly does not get involved in the recovery of items lost in the beard. Taking this action may result in the banning of both third party accounts. Once this action was taken, you took note of this rule and went on your own without the help of the problem team.

(11) The MWO Eternal team is no longer responsible and implicitly no longer involved in the recovery of hacked accounts, borrowed/stolen items/items on the game server.


(1) Each player must ensure that each password they use on the server has not been used elsewhere to prevent theft or account theft.

(2) Each player must not trust another player with their login details. Most of the time, this leads to account theft.

(3) Every player must not use apps/programs given by other players, lying that they are platinum hacks, you risk being a Keylogger and hacking all your accounts.


(1) Players must respect the conduct of each event, without bringing insults or offensive opinions on the event.

(2) Regardless of the prize of the event, a player is not allowed to make offensive comments about the event or the member of staff managing the event.

(3) Every player has an obligation to choose their words carefully when participating in an event. If the player is not satisfied with the event or the prize, he must withdraw quietly.

(4) It is forbidden to disrupt an event that is in progress or to follow

(5) Sanctions for violation of points (1), (2), (3), (4) of Art.4 are Chat Blocking, Temporary B.


(1) Each player has the obligation not to mention or discuss another game or server, this may lead to Chat Ban or Temporary Money.

(2) Intentional advertisement of another server or game is sanctioned with Permanent Ban on all accounts of that player.

(3) Advertising by any other method, such as: Names of shops, guilds, etc. can also lead to Permanent Money.

(4) Defamation of the server, the game team and last but not least the players is punished with the blocking of game accounts within 7 days - permanent (IP). Complaints can be made on the forum! We like to solve our problems quietly.


(1) Exchange of platinum / items / game account with real money is illegal, it is sanctioned with Permanent Ban.

(2) It is forbidden to specify the name of another server in the general call and chat when you want to trade between servers.

(3) If at the time of a transaction on the MWO Eternal server you receive a scam from player x, y, z, please make a video or screenshot proof! Because with this proof we can penalize (fine) the respective player who did not do it. Keep your word in managed trade.

(4) Without presenting clear and concrete evidence through videos or screenshots we cannot help you!

(5) The penalty for the player who succeeded in the spike/scam depends on the case!: 1. Ban 7 days, 2. Ban 14 days, 3. Ban 30 days,

(6) If you want to trade on our server, please use our intermediaries GM Nicolae, GM DIZO, which you will find in the staff list! To contact a moderator please write them on game/site/group/discord. If you receive a scam / sting in your transaction, points (3) and (4) will

(7) It is prohibited to donate an amount of real money on server x, y, z for items, account, platinum on MWO Eternal server

(8) When you volunteered an item/item to player X, Y, Z, you read the server rules and assumed at your own risk any risk factor if player X, Y, Z does not return the item to you or article.

(9) During the transaction, players X, Y are required to start the video sample from the beginning of the transaction made until its conclusion. Also, the intermediary is obliged to present the video proof of the assisted mediation! This is necessary and mandatory in case of fraud.


(1) We do not allow users, within the limits of available technical and operational possibilities, to participate in the game and the services offered, with hacking methods, client decryption or other means of deception and abuse.

(2) Malicious software, configurations or decryption are not allowed and detectable.

(3) The only strict sanction for such activities is Permanent IP Ban.

(4) MWO Eternal reserves the right to hold rebuttal evidence (SS & Video) for a period of 7 consecutive days. After these 7 days, the proof will be deleted automatically.

(5) MWO Eternal reserves the right not to provide contradictory evidence (SS & Video) to the concerned player. This right remains at the discretion of the team


(1) It is forbidden to send a private message, or through any messaging system of the game, that contains insults, insults. Insults and offensive/offensive allusions to other players are also strictly prohibited. For language, the penalty is Chat Blocking or temporary ban depending on the severity.

(2) Indecent public language between players pretending to be friends is punishable by Chat Ban.

(3) Insults and excessive insults to one or more players may result in the penalty of preventive Mute 12h-24h & Ban preventim 1z

(4) Insults and insults to staff are punished according to their severity. - Mute 24H, (2): Ban 3-7 days (3): Permanent ban

(5) Any evidence posted must contain the entire conversation from head to toe!, otherwise the claim will not be considered

(6) The posted proof must contain the entire screen (screen-shoot), in a way to see the TIME / DATE / and server name

(7) Complaints containing curse words "f*ck, s*ck..etc", insults with abbreviated characters will NOT be considered.


(1) Real life threats that started on this server and continued on a social network or other communication method, will be sanctioned with a Permanent Ban.

(2) Also, if these threats were serious and continued, we will contact the Authorities and provide them with all the details necessary for the investigation of the person concerned.


(1) Administrators, respectively staff members, do not intervene in the recovery of goods if they have been stolen (negotiation, fraud)

(2) Administrators have the obligation to sanction the person accused of theft if the intermediaries have received a scam during the mediation, if there is evidence of this.

(3) Evidence must be based on prints containing (date/time/server) - all of which are displayed below the mini-map!


(1) Players have NO RIGHT to test a staff member's knowledge or hold them accountable! This is considered "defying a staff member" and will result in chat ban! [4 - 8 hours] depending on staff member and severity. in the worst case Temporary ban between 24h and 3 days!

(2) Also, when addressing a member of staff, do not use offensive language.

(3) Team urgency. Some responses take a while. We enjoy heavy participation, but we cannot yet guarantee prompt responses from private messages (PMs). Rushing the team does not help, risking blocking the chat. Please note that you are not the only player requesting information and support. Also, not every message deserves a reply.

(4) Communication through the Store/Offline Store regarding the chat blocking contest is sanctioned with a Temporary Ban. Each player has the right to appeal, except as specified.

(5) Unfounded accusations against the team (both on the forum and in the game) may lead to the permanent ban of the respective players. Anything you write can be used as evidence against you in an appeal. We won't accept it if you later say it was a joke.

(6) Displaying discussions with support team members/staff (tickets, live chat) without the written consent of the respective administrator/operator is directly sanctioned by blocking the account.


(1) Each player is obliged to immediately announce the discovery of errors on the server or community.

(2) Exploiting these mistakes only leads to permanent ban.

(3) If you notice that you receive more units or goods than usual, you are not allowed to exploit this fact and must report the mistake. Contact a staff member and explain the problem and how it is formed. If you see people using these mistakes/bugs, please report them as soon as possible.

(4) It is forbidden to exploit bugs (errors) and/or mistakes for your own purposes.

(5) It is forbidden to add 2,3 or more accounts by a player to the Tower of Demons. ! This may result in permanent banning of these error accounts.


(2) When player X, Y, Z mentions that the map belongs to them and tells you to leave, MWO Eternal Team will remind you that you are not obliged to do so! According to the creator Magic World Online is a free game where supremacy is in power on every map.
MWO Eternal reserves the right to change the internal rules without the said consent on any day/month, but with its announcement within 3-5 days of its change.
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